Digital marketing platforms tools

  • Each channel supports different ad formats and we make tools for any platforms. We create a marketing campaign which includes using digital platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter.
    – e-mail marketing, social media…
    – digital ads, text messaging (sms marketing)…

  • Digital campaign management, reporting and analytics . We manage every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns with our tools.

Start. 299€/month

Web package include

  • All the web package order fee is 490 €.
    Monthly managed hosting and website fee is 29 €/month.

  • Fast SSD hosting whit ProCpanel

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Minimum contract period is 2 years

  • Customer give domain name advances

  • Responsive web-site design include main pages: Home, About, Services/Product and Contact.

Online store include

  • Online store order fee is 890€.
    Monthly fee is 49€/month.
    Setup whit 4 sample product.

  • Minimum contract period is 2 years

  • Online store to facebook and website

  • Work fine all devices

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