Based on Robert / Jarmo Friday’s 17.6 debate

The main purpose.

The main purpose is to develop and commercialize building elements and modules for production.
We can do the development work and model buildings ourselves. I wanted to do the development work and designs here in Korat. I have activity conditions and model making is intense and the job is good to be next door. There are no rental costs, etc. in own place.

My design idea is to make an “IKEA buildings”. With floor, wall and ceiling elements. Adding elements gives a building of the desired size. The end result is an empty building of the desired size. For fast completion, the building elements can be made ready for storage.

As we discussed, the top are made of small buildings such as, kiosk, studio / hotel / resort and 1 bedroom buildings.


I design and build buildings. The agreed building models are selected and decided together. Before starting the construction work, the plans are reviewed together. Build buildings to make a cost estimate which is also a financing need.


The implementation of the project is managed, documented and the financing need is the actual construction costs and associated costs.
I need financing to make the building and the “security” for the investment is the buildings themselves which will be installed in an agreed location e.g. Sattahip. The kiosk can be made to produce by itself if a suitable location is found. The kiosk would also serve as one of the outlets for our services.


1. New company
2. Agreement between our companies what is my opinion.
One idea is the building module model which is at the same time a demonstration of building, own business and sales. Needs a good business location.

I make also products sales pages for domains:
And new homepages:
Pages and social media integrations.
Google webmaster works as well as google map, advertisement graphics etc.